Designing a website for 2014

The first thing we have to make sure is our website is mobile compatible and optimized for smaller screens...

January 08, 2014

The first thing we have to make sure is our website is mobile compatible and optimized for smaller screens. Then, we make sure we use the current design trends fitting our needs.

  1. Continuous scrolling: It offers a smooth solution to show more content on a site than pagination, as it does not require to refresh the page and dynamic loading makes the website faster.

  2. Larger fonts: Improved screen resolution and greater screen sizes of the desktop computers/TV's makes the standard font size of the years before seem punny.

  3. Responsive mobile design: You already know how mobile devices are affecting all web designs. Numbers show that mobile now makes up nearly 50% of the total web traffic. This trend has been going up for years and will continue to do so in 2014. Websites need to have the ability to be more responsive and to adjust accordingly to the device and screen. You don't need to maintain two completely different websites, just focus on one that responds appropriately.

  4. Flat design: Mobile drives everything. Since the release of iOS 7 with a complete flat design overhaul, the flat aesthetic has quickly creeped into desktop and website designs. It seems that the flat design offers more than just a new look, it also boosts performance. This of course makes sense considering a flat design eliminates all the gradients and shadows that can quickly eat up precious kb's.

  5. Parallax scrolling: It seems that in 2014 parallax will be a standard design feature. If you are not familiar with this technique, parallax scroll presents a webpage as multiple layers whereas the background layer scrolls at a different speed than the foreground layer. Actually, the background layer may not move at all.


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