Jobs that did not exist ten years ago

Thinking about a career change? Technology, cultural shifts and changing demographics combine to create new career fields all the time...

February 05, 2014

Thinking about a career change? Technology, cultural shifts and changing demographics combine to create new career fields all the time. Here are ten new roles that did not even exist ten years ago.

1. Social Media/Online-Community Manager

Social media strategists focus on building their employer's or client's brands through the use of social media sites and tools, whereas online community managers specialize in fostering user discussion for the marketers they support. You will definitely need great written and communication skills, a marketing background and lots of experience with social media tools (Facebook, Twitter etc.).

2. Elder-Care Services Coordinator

People who understand gerontology and end-of-life issues and follow developing trends in elder-care best practices, would be well-suited to this role. Empathy, follow-through and top-notch communication skills are must-haves.

3. Telework Manager or Coordinator

Telework program managers and coordinators manage the telecommuting programs for employers and resolve any technical and communication  issues that may arise.

4. Sustainability Manager

All sizable corporations employ highly qualified people to look after their sustainability programs which can stop at recycling and waste reduction or can include supplier sustainability evaluation.

5. Educational Consultant

Educational consultants work with children and their families to get students into the educational environments best suited to their learning needs.

6. Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Search engine optimization pros use a combination of left- and right-brain techniques, from analysis and experimentation to gut feel and insight, to move their clients' or employers' web sites up the search engine rankings, thereby bringing them more traffic and, they hope, stronger revenues.

For the job, you'll need a mix of technical and marketing skills, grounding in search-engine logic and a nose for web site user behavior.

7. Medical Biller/Coder

The new field of medical billing and coding has sprung up to get insurance companies the information they need and to make sure that medical procedures are classified and recorded the proper way.

Medical billers and coders work at doctors' offices, hospitals and other health-care facilities and typically have certification or formal education (six-month and one-year programs abound) that allow them to navigate the tricky terrain of medical terminology.

8. Online Advertising Manager

Online ad managers may work for web sites, selling ad programs and working with clients (advertisers) about where on the site, when and how to run online campaigns.

Or they may work for advertisers, running the online side of an advertiser's business and tracking each ad's performance. Online advertising managers are savvy marketers who also understand how new technology enables cooler ad programs all the time.

9. Talent Management Coordinator

Human Resources people have always had a hand in what's loosely been called Talent Management -- attracting great people into an organization and keeping them there.

These days, corporations employ dedicated talent managers or talent coordinators to plan their workforce needs over time and make sure that the skills exist within the company to keep the organization on top of its game.

They may also run their firms' succession-planning programs, keeping nervous board members and shareholders feeling good about the company's ability to hit its goals even if key individuals resign or retire.

10. User Experience Manager

User experience managers were first widely seen in web-design firms, focusing on a web site in development from the viewpoint of a user who would eventually have to navigate the thing.

Now, user experience is the watchword for banks, insurance companies, restaurants and virtually any company that has reason to evaluate and improve the way its customers and prospective customers encounter its people and processes.


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