Say goodbye to these web design trends

Web design has changed drastically since early 2000 and it appears to be changing trends again

May 14, 2015

Thankfully, computers, phones, and cameras are not the only areas where technology evolves. Web design has changed drastically since early 2000 and it appears to be changing trends again. Over the years, web designers find what works and what causes people to leave a site. Here are five of the web design trends that you will soon be able to say goodbye to.

Desktop-Only Sites

Smartphones and tablets have taken the technology world by storm and sites now have to conform. Google is pushing the issue by ranking sites based on their mobility. Sites that are best viewed on desktops will be phased out, as viewers will be looking for the ability to visit on-the-go. You will find that web pages are going to load faster and graphics will be responsive to screen differences. It is vital for a site’s success to handle mobile devices, and businesses will enjoy the ability to only have to pay for one version for their site.


Over the past few years, websites have become more simplistic in design. It appears that minimalist designs are attracting more viewers and this is very apparent with Apple’s new iOS version. It has been found that when Apple makes a large change in their software, the rest of the technology world follows. It may also be that the simple designs are more likely to be seamless when it comes to switching from desktop to mobile. Whatever the reason, complicated designs are being left behind.

Multiple Pages

Similar to the simplicity of the design of a site, the latest trends show that multiple page sites are disappearing. A lot more is being done with one or two pages, with links reserved for contact us, about us, and blog pages. When you take out the need to constantly click on links, you are going to spend more time on a site. In addition, sites that enable scrolling as the main feature load faster and are more responsive.

Stock Photos

With programs like Picmonkey making editing photos simple, stock photos are quickly becoming an outdated web design tool. Photos are now being taken that show reality and reach target audiences. It is imperative that photos are original and clear to the point, all while gaining the trust of your readers. It should also be noted that videos are becoming more common than photos.

Dated Typography

Typography is also getting a complete overhaul when it comes to web design. Sites that use Calibri or Times New Roman are being phased out. Designers are finding fonts that are bigger and attract the reader’s attention. The shading is gone – removing the 3D appearance to titles  – and big, bold letters are being used instead.

Web design is moving away from static designs that use a lot of simple text and stock photos. The new trends have videos, real photographs, and fun fonts to draw the attention of the target audience.

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