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easyBoat Overview

client profile provides transparency between the customer and yacht owner/operator that allows them to compare charter prices for the same class of boat (typically up to 100ft in length) offered via multiple operators, at the same embarkation port and aspires to become the go to online comparison site when looking to charter a yacht for the next holiday - anywhere in the world. This direct transparent comparison, similar to Skyscanner for flights or for hotels, saves both time and money for clients. The easy brand offers simplicity and affordability of yacht charter bookings, particularly to first time charterers of yachts whilst providing confidence in decision making to the more experienced charterers/sailors.

about the project is the newest member of the 'easy' family of brands. The project mission was to design and develop a web platform that enables the integration and informative comparison of yacht charters around the world, offered by different operators. This way customers looking to charter a yacht can easily find the best deal offered at a specific embarkation point. In addition, the platform aims to add transparency to customer and yacht owner/operator communications and transactions. Users can look up charter offers  at various locations around the world, choose the type of yacht they prefer and the dates they will be sailing on. The platform does a quick consolidation of the available offers from various operators and highlights the best deals. A customer can add different charter options for their trip and request a quotes from multiple operators for the same charter. All communications, offers and payments are carried out on the easyBoat platform and each stage of the charter agreement proceeds via rules and prerequisites that ensure transparency and that each party upholds their end of the agreement according to easyBoat's standards.

easyBoat Presentation
easyBoat Presentation
easyBoat Presentation
easyBoat Presentation
easyBoat Presentation
easyBoat Presentation

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  • Email Services
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  • Support & Maintenance
  • UI
  • UX
  • API Integration
  • System Design
  • Systems Integration
  • TSH Platform CMS
  • TSH Platform E-Commerce
  • TSH Platform Email Marketing
  • Web Development

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